What House Cleaning Services Are Available, And Why Do You Need Them?

For many people the idea of hiring a house cleaning service is ridiculous. It seems expensive for something so frivolous. It feels as if a person should be able to clean their house on their own. This type of thinking has caused many people to suffer unduly!

The real truth is that there are a number of benefits to hiring a home cleaning service. Not only are there benefits, there are also a number of different home cleaning services available. Knowing what’s available and what it can do for you is the first step to understanding why you need one!

Types Of House Cleaning Services

A service to clean your house sounds fairly straightforward. You call someone, they come and clean your home, you pay them money and that’s the end of it. However, it’s important to know what you want when you ask them to clean your home.

No two homes are exactly alike, but all houses have the same basic parts. Which means that there are standardized prices. However, those prices are likely to fluctuate based on the exact design and size of the house.

For example, many cleaning services for residential homes will offer a “deep cleaning” service. While it’s not an all-inclusive list, most deep cleaning services involve:

Floor and Wall Cleaning – They will vacuum, shampoo, mop, and use other tools to ensure things are clean. This generally includes moving furniture, though some companies will offer discounts if you move the furniture and appliances yourself. This also includes cleaning at the baseboards and corners of the floor.

Surface Cleaning – This includes cleaning the counters as well as the outsides of appliances, tables, desks, and other furniture surfaces. 

Appliance Cleaning – They will clean the inside of your microwave, stove, refrigerator, and other major appliances.

Window Cleaning – This includes washing the windows themselves, as well as the window sill, the window frame, and any window coverings. 

A deep cleaning is generally done before you move out. Why would you want one? Because many rental properties demand a deep cleaning before they’ll return a security deposit. Other rental properties don’t specify, but a deep cleaning is a good way to ensure the return. There are other house cleaning options, however.

Maid Service

This is what most people think about when they think of house cleaning services. However, maid service doesn’t offer the same types of cleaning that a deep clean does. Maids will often:

Wash Laundry – Some companies and individuals will require you to collect your own laundry. Others will collect your laundry for you. This generally includes towels and bedding, though some companies will also launder your personal laundry as well.

Light Cleaning – This generally includes wiping down surfaces, tidying up by throwing away trash and putting away house property such as books, television remotes, laptops, and other items. 

Why would you want a maid service? It can save quite a bit of time. If you’re busy at work and don’t have time for cooking meals and doing the daily cleaning then a maid service can be a load of stress off of your shoulders!