When Paintless Dent Repair Could Be Your Best Option

Having to have your vehicle repaired due to dents is also a less than ideal situation, but fortunately there are a number of circumstances in which you can have it done rather quickly and easily. The key is to know when this could be the right solution for you. Some of the most common situations in which this is an option are given here.

First, it is important to know that this type of repair can be done on almost any type of body type.  The best results are found when done on aluminum or steel panels, but depending it can be done on others as well. If you are not sure if your car is eligible due its construction you can verify this before taking it in simply by calling a professional and telling them the make and model of your vehicle. One thing to know is what is the cost of an auto body repair shop vs. PDR and what the pros and cons are. 

It can basically be done on any type of dent that has not caused damage to the paint in the area. There can be some size restrictions, but the best professionals have the tools to handle almost any sized dent. However, if your vehicle was involved in a serious collision there is a higher chance that this type of repair is not an option for you.

Some of the most common dents that can be taken care of with paintless dent repair include dents that resulted from hail, door damage and other minor dings. This, of course, is not an all inclusive list, but it gives you an idea of the type of issues that can easily be remedied by a professional without having to go so far as to have the vehicle painted. 

There is one factor, however, that may be unforeseen to the untrained individual. It does matter what type of paint was used when your vehicle was manufactured. Even though the paint wasn’t damaged by the dent it could be after the dent has been pushed out. Your service technician should be able to inform you of this risk in advance.

You do, of course, have the option to use this type of dent repair even if there is damage to your paint job. It is not recommended, as any imperfection in the paint will likely leading to the spot expanding and open up the body to an increased risk of rust. It is still important to know that this is something that you can consider if you are not in the position to have the paint repaired at that time as well, which increases the overall cost.

Paintless dent repair really can be used in almost any situation in which the paint has not been affected by the damage. While there is a risk the type of paint will crack after the repair, most vehicles now used paint that can withstand the body being flexed back into place. If you are not sure if this is something that would be right for you it is best to make an appointment with a professional to find out at http://paintlessdentrepairsandiego.org/